Rotaract Beachflag


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Motif options
Product number: RACB 10.1
Product information "Rotaract Beachflag"
 This Rotary Beachflag is 1,75m high and can be customized according to your wishes.

It is the absolute eye-catcher at all rotarian events - whether it be during fundraising events, social events, or at the club meeting.

We'll happily customize your flag according to your wishes. To do so, please add article RCB 27 (Customization of a flag) to your shopping basket.

The flag is mounted on a robust aluminium tube with a diameter of 20mm.

A transport and carrying bag can be ordered for 19,90 Euro.

Flag textile: 110g/m2

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Beachflag base 5kg / 10lbs
It is very easy to show off your new Beachflag with this base. Weight: 5Kg / ~11 lbsFitting article RCB 33 Rotary Beachflag and RCB 33 Rotaract Beachflag.

Transportbag Beachflag
This transport bag enables the comfortable transport and easy stowing of the beach flag. Suitable for the articles RCB 33 and RCB 33a.

Beachflag ground nail
With use of this ground nail, the Rotary Beachflag can be hold securely in place on almost every surface.Simply put the Beachflag in the provided rod after attaching the groundnail to the surface.