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10x Interact Silicon Armbands

10x Interact Silicon Armbands

Product number.: IAM 17

Silicone bracelets to be worn on the wrist. An ideal fundraiser and promoter for campaigns. Successful in sportsmarketing and the souvenir business.

The hygienic, washable silicone bracelets show a sky blue imprint  "Interact".  We offer different scales. 

The bracelets can be sold very well on stands or be used as promotion material.

For fundraising we recommend a price of 2,00/2,50 EUR (1 for 2 EUR; 3 for 5 EUR).

We gladly offer to produce your customized bracelet. In this case the minimum purchase amount is 1,500 pieces. Prices on request.

(Scope of delivery includes10 pieces)

Also good as a givaway on promotion booths.

Price: 17,00 €
incl. VAT
plus Delivery

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