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RFID Blocker Card

RFID Blocker Card

Product number.: RCM 124

Are you wondering why a plastic card costs € 7.90? This card protects your bank cards with an active 13.56 MHz interference signal.

Active protection against unauthorized reading of EC or credit cards. Almost all bank cards now have the option of contactless payment. This increases the risk of unauthorized reading.

This can be remedied by protective sleeves for the individual cards or a wallet with RFID protection. However, you would then need a new wallet or a separate protective cover for each card.

Protect your entire wallet with this RFID blocker card. Simply put the card in the middle of your wallet, just like a normal bank card. Due to the active chip in the card, any RFID signals from your bank cards are so disturbed during an attempt to read them that they are no longer readable. The functionality of your bank card is only affected if the disruptive card is closer than 5 cm to the bank card.

The energy required for the card is drawn from the energy field generated by the reader. The card is suitable for continuous use without a battery.

Scope of delivery: 1 RFID blocker card

Price: 7,90 €
incl. VAT
plus Delivery
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