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Club/District Pennant

Club/District Pennant

Product number.: RCB 03

At Rotary, pennants are the symbol of the club or the district, but also a common exchange medium. Therefore we offer you pennants in two different qualities. Import quality and Europe quality.

The pennants have the normal size 15x25 cm, pointed or rounded bottom side, grab pole and cord in color according to layout. We offer you the complete range from graphic design to the final product.. 

Initially you have to decide between the more simple import quality or the higher quality "Made in Europe" pennants. Import qualities are clearly sufficient if the pennant is used for symbolic handovers, press conferences, or as a wall decoration. For lovers, collectors, or higher demands for a pennant, due to differences in details of the manufacturing, we recommend the higher quality pennants made in Germany. 

Description of the article: Digital printing. ca. 200 g/qm. Colored frame cord. Cord hanger including metal whirl. At the upper edge there is a metal bar to avoid kinks. Bottom side rounded or pentagonal.

Europe Quality, Price per Unit:

10 16,90 EUR

25 14,90 EUR

50 12,90 EUR

100 10,90 EUR

300 9,90 EUR

500 8,90 EUR

Import Quality, Price per Unit:

10 14,50 EUR

25 12,50 EUR

50 10,90 EUR

100 8,90 EUR

300 7,90 EUR

500 6,90 EUR

Procedure: Put this article into the shopping cart. Then please send us your template.

1) A printable file as PDF with all settings ready for printing can be used without preprinting costs. (Graphic designer, agencies etc.)

2) You have an idea and want to have it reproduced? Send us the pennant or scan it and then send it to us. One-time preprinting costs 49,00 EUR

3) Send us your (Amateur-) data. We gladly edit it for you, send you a sample for approval and charge one-time flat 49,00 EUR. You then receive a message from us about the further procedure.

We leave you the sample for approval for inspection, before all products are produced. The additional expenses for the production of an individual item is charged with 39,00 EUR.

Time of production: 2-3 weeks in Europe. 4 weeks in Asia.

Express delivery possible. We'll happily produce individual offers for fancy pennants or special formats free of charge. Please get in contact with us for these requests. 

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