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Membership Card -Club Order-

Membership Card -Club Order-

Product number.: RCB 02
The official Rotary membership cards according to the specifications from Evanston. Format of cheque card. Plastic version. Custom made. No cheap digital- or thermoprinting. Cluborder already pays off from 30 orders onwards. 
After you submitted your order we will send you an Excel document, which you or the Club-Secretary can fill out. You can find all relevant data in the RO.CAS. 149 EUR one time editing fee per club and 4,90 EUR per customized membership card. You as a club have the opportunity for unlimited reorders in case of new members or loss of the card for only 4,90 EUR plus postage without being re-charged the editing fee. You receive a corrected bill with the shipment, as soon as we know the number of membership cards.
Price: 4,90 €
incl. VAT
plus Delivery
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